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My work as a teacher, writer and artist draw from several traditions and are connected by an underlying interest in sharing the joy of wakefulness. I bring over 10 years of experience practicing and teaching vinyasa and other forms of yoga. I have also studied Zen and Tibetan Buddhism in depth both as an undergraduate and in other formal educational settings. In addition I draw from disciplines such as contemporary and improvisational dance, acrobatics and parkour. My group classes are called "Dynamic Vinyasa" and draw upon knowledge of those traditions to enrich the postures, sequences and transitions that we practice. Classes emphasize expanding movement capacity to promote healing the body and celebrating being alive. In one on one work I spend time getting to know each student and developing a program that draws upon their strengths while addressing weaknesses, illuminating blind spots and leaning into unexplored areas where joy and healing are possible. In addition to my work I am the happy father of a wonderful boy named Max and husband to an incredible wife named Jessica. We live together a few blocks away from the Yoga and Movement Sanctuary where I work.
"Emile Sorger is an old soul with a highly intelligent movement perspective and practice that holds true to the core values I believe in, while bravely breaking away from the old school dogma that can sometimes serve to hold us back from advancing to the next realm."

- Alex Auder, founder of Magu Yoga and one of the top 25 most influential Yoga teachers in the U.S. (Sonima)

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Private Sessions

Private sessions are available in both a one on one and small group basis. There are many reasons to begin with private sessions that include but are not limited to:

- Recovery from Injury
- Learning New Abilities
- Deep Knowledge of Techniques
- Extraordinary Support
- Personalization

With a diverse training and practice background I can offer lessons in these areas both as separate disciplines or in combination with each other based on your personal interests.

- Yoga Postures and Movement
- Yogic Breathwork and Meditation
- Basic Acrobatics
- Handbalancing
- Basic Parkour
- Therapeutic Movement

Prices are determined on a case by case basis. Sessions can be held in several locations including those listed above, outdoors and in one's own home.

Emile offers a free 15 minute consultations for anyone interested in working with him 1 on 1.

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Trainings are opportunities to learn in greater depth and breadth, designed for serious students who are ready to reap the rewards of investing in their practice.

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Most Recent Essay

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Day at the Beech

I am substituting this video for my next essay, from 8:30 - 19:20 is me speaking so feel free to skip to that section if you don't want to see the climb.  I however highly recommend it.